Too Much Ambition and my Progress with Starting Small

Ambition was something I struggled with for quite a long time. It sounds strange to say something like that, right? Ambition is often a good thing and can be a driving force for us to execute on projects or ideas. My issue with ambition stemmed from having too much of it and trying to do too many things at once. This made it very difficult to find success in any one thing, and instead have many smaller things fall flat.

Into the Next Decade: Reflecting on the Past and Projecting the Future

In a few days, the end of a decade brings the start of a new one. The first day of January marks the beginning of something new for everyone, whether they realize it or not. 2010 through 2019 was a wild ride for me, and I’d like to reflect upon those years today. Looking ahead in 2020, I have some new projects planned and ideas for the oncoming decade. My quiet period is coming to a close, and I’ve never been more prepared to work on projects I’m passionate about.

Allow Me to Introduce Myself: Aspirations in Media Production

I’m Antonio Cribari, and my friends and family call me Tony. I grew up in middle-class suburbia with my hard working family who placed a strong sense of purpose in me. My friends didn’t understand my mentality growing up. For instance, I talked about my dream of owning a studio to produce movies and music. Like an adult in the body of a teenager, I often felt alone with my aspirations.