Should You Go to College for Video Production? Yes and No.

It’s a smart idea to question whether or not you should go to college for video production. With YouTube and countless other resources available to you, it can be tempting to decide against it. There are plenty of arguments that both support and oppose the necessity or usefulness of college in this industry. Now that I’ve been working as a professional for a few years, I wanted to give my point of view.

Starting My 3D Modeling Venture in Blender

For years I’ve been intrigued with 3D Modeling, yet simultaneously intimidated at the thought of learning it. Classes in college taught me a few basic, yet niche things in Autodesk’s 3DsMax. I really didn’t retain much of what I was taught, because I was lacking a true understanding of core 3D Modeling concepts. Something clicked within me recently: it’s about time I properly learn how to 3D model.

Allow Me to Introduce Myself: Aspirations in Media Production

I’m Antonio Cribari, and my friends and family call me Tony. I grew up in middle-class suburbia with my hard working family who placed a strong sense of purpose in me. My friends didn’t understand my mentality growing up. For instance, I talked about my dream of owning a studio to produce movies and music. Like an adult in the body of a teenager, I often felt alone with my aspirations.